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March 16, 2013 - Books and Boos Bookshop
Colchester, Ct

Terri Bruce and Helen Collins

"Celtic Mythology...and Beyond" - how Celtic myths were influenced by or influenced other cultures' myths, how Celtic myths are similar to or different from other myths, and how Celtic myths have been used in speculative fiction.
Readercon 23 July 13 - 15

Reading. Helen Collins. Helen Collins reads her short story "Fusion."

Kaffeeklatsch. Helen Collins, Maria Dahvana Headley.

Dancing Around Time Travel.

Athena Andreadis, Grant C. Carrington, Helen Collins (leader), John Crowley, Jeff Hecht.

Why Am I Telling You This (in the First Person)?.

Richard Bowes, Helen Collins, L. Timmel Duchamp (leader), Caitlín R. Kiernan, Kate Nepveu.

October 14-16, 2011
- Capclave
Biology - The Other Hard SF
James Morrow, Helen Collins, Perrianne Lurie


It's not all computers and physics.
Where's the love for the genetically altered and the killer viruses?

The Genre Food Panel
Lawrence M. Schoen, Helen Collins, Leona Wisoker

How food works in F/SF. How do you make it real when it's not our world?
What can it show about your world and your characters?

Other activities:
Small discussion groups, readings, individual authors tables, and a great mixer/signing gathering.

October 3, 2011 - SFWA Industry Reception at Planet Hollywood, NYC

July 14-17, 2011 - Readercon
My talk: Animal or Alien: Does Body Structure Shape Mind?

April 7, 2010 Waterford Library
Talk on "Animals and Aliens"

Readercon 2009

So, What's New? 
Paolo Bacigalupi, M. M. Buckner, Helen Collins,
Warren Lapine, Jean-Louis Trudel (L)

The Genre Roots of the Mainstream Tradition in American Fiction.  C. C.

Finlay with discussion by Michael A. Burstein, Helen Collins,
F. Brett Cox, Debra Doyle, Chris Nakashima-Brown

Mind From Matter: How Body Structure Shapes Intelligence. 
Helen Collins
The origin and nature of intelligence is a hot topic among both
Neuroscientists and sf writers and appears surprisingly often in pop
Culture.  Sf writers have speculated on how variations and differences in
Physical structure necessitate different perceptions of external and
Internal realities, which, in turn, determine "intelligence."  Collins
will discuss examples from classic and current sf, including works by Mary
Doria Russell, Octavia E. Butler, David Brin, and Joan Slonczewski, and
Her own novels Mutagenesis and NeuroGenesis, where these speculations
Constitute a major theme.

Broad Universe Group Reading

Inanna Arthen (host) with Helen Collins, Elaine Isaak,
Shira Lipkin, Jennifer Pelland, Joselle Vanderhooft

Altered Minds, Damaged Voices. 
John Clute, Helen Collins, Elizabeth Hand,
Barry B. Longyear, David G. Shaw (M), Howard Waldrop

April 4-6, 2008 - I-Con 2008

Stony Brook University, NY

Pursuing Perfection: The Art of Revision:
from tinkering to practically re-writing the whole story
Doyle(M), Durst, Henriksen, Collins, Delmater

I Am Not My Character… or Am I?
How much of the writer’s life, experiences
and opinions turn up in characters?
Collins(M), Castro, Parris, Freedman, Lang

SF Kaleidoscope: SF as a Lens on the Past and Future
Bacigalupi(M), Malzberg, Collins, Kyle, Videbaek

The Use of Animals in SF
Emshwiller, Gordon(M), Collins

Books, Brushes, Jazz & Blues Festival - Sept. 9, 2007 New London, CT
Reading NeuroGenesis

Earlier Events

Northeast Modern Language Association
ML Studies panel session, paper "The Alternate Woman"

Science Fiction Research Association
Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Panel discussion: "World-building and alien-building"

"Switching Channels" program on New Haven TV
Interview on Women in Science Fiction

East End Gay Organizaton, Authors' Day
East Hampton, NY
Reading Mutagenesis

Chamber's Street Bookstore Manhattan, NY

Reading and signing

"The Friends of the Library" - Long Beach, NY
Reading and talk: Genetic engineering and the clash of cultures
S/S Tribune - Samantha Kinsley

NCC - Nassau Community College
"Here Be Dragons: Mapping The Structure of Life"
Colloquium theme: Genetic Engineering
Talk: The Science in Fiction"

NCC - Creative Writing Project - Reading

NCC - College Union Ballroom
Reading and Talk: Genetics, surrogate motherhood, gender manipulation

NCC - Liberal Arts Lobby
Lecture: The relationship of Orwell's 1984 to the
dystopian tradition in Science Fiction
Contradiction 3, Niagara Falls, NY

Talk: The Cooperative Vision: Communes in Science Fiction

Communities/journal of cooperation
"The Cooperative Vision in Science Fiction"

NCC - "Faculty Forum" WMPC-FM college radio lecture

"Science Fiction: Ursula LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness"

Nassau Review

"The Nature and Power of Hawthorne's Women as
Seen Through A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales"
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